Project Description

Client: Dead Sea Works Ltd. (DSW), a member of ICL Group.
Application: Mineral separators (screens)

DSW manufactures potash as fertilizer for agriculture. In order to increase fertilizer efficiency, the plant developed a compacting product. The screening operation is very critical to the development process, and the vibration screens are located after the crusher and before the compactor.

DSW requested a solution for installing a new compacting production line in its Sodom Plant, including two screens. The goal was to increase production capacity, enhance efficiency and create better screening quality. Due to the plant’s space limitation, the screen had to fit the available space within the installation area.

The chosen supplier for this project was Rotex, USA and England. After a lengthy dialogue with the DSW engineering team, which included presentations, meetings and technical discussions, a final solution was proposed by Rotex and Liranco engineering teams. The Rotex solution for DSW requirements was two mineral separators (screens) with a capacity of 280 ton/hour.

After an operation period with one mineral separator was deemed a success, DSW Sodom Plant currently operates five mineral separators.