Project Description

Client: Teva Mexico, of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd Group.
Application: Solvent recovery plant

The Teva Mexico Plant conducts two parallel production processes, based on the use of different solvents, which become contaminated and are eventually expelled from the system in the form of noxious environment-threatening solutions.

Our project was comprised of two assignments: the separation of the solvents from other components of the effluent solutions, and the subsequent disposal of the separated substances.

The chosen supplier for this project was POLARIS, Italy, who proposed that Liranco help set up a solvent-separating system consisting of two distillation columns and an extraction column, all on skids, that would work together as an integrated unit. Thus, Teva Mexico would gain two advantages: first, the solvents would be available for recycling after separation, resulting in subsequent cutting of costs; and second, the remaining waste products would be diverted to the central sewage system, leading to additional savings in waste disposal.

Although outflows from the two production processes are similar, they are not identical. One is channeled for separation to the first distillation column, where it is brought to a level of purity (decontamination), enabling its return to the production process. The second stream is separated from one solvent by distillation, followed by further separation from a second solvent in the extraction column.

Liranco was actively involved in the process from beginning to end, in close collaboration with all personnel involved, to the client’s complete satisfaction.