Project Description

Client: Vered Hagalil of Unilever Group (Corporation and Conglomerate).
Application: Two cooling tunnel conveyors

The plant produces a wide range of sweets (sweetmeats, confectioneries and candies) as well as a large variety of chocolates. The plant embarked on an efficiency-enhancement program, involving changes in the main production lines, which in turn demand diverse solutions for conveyance problems, as well as adaptation of existing machinery to new requirements.

The chosen supplier for this project was LM, Italy. LM’s solution, as implemented by Liranco, was to replace the existing 180° conveyer by two 90° conveyers linked by a straight section. The resulting changes in the overall length and breadth of the entire conveyer system created a user-friendly floor-space easily navigable and accessible, which is also superbly suited for maintenance and cleaning requirements. In order to meet a very stringent deadline, we had to slash delivery time via a coordinated engineering effort.

The end product, which consisted of two standard angle-conveyers linked by an adjustable straight section, facilitates measurement error compensation and minor corrections of up to 100mm in either direction, using only a simple screwdriver. This enabled us to implement on-site assembly with confidence, and achieve a well-integrated and smooth working system.

This process serves as a concrete example of streamlining procedures from initial idea to final implementation, with Liranco acting as an active partner, in collaboration with our client and to its complete satisfaction.