Liranco Foreign Trade Ltd. enjoys an established reputation as a leading supplier of capital equipment to Israel’s Ore and Mineral Industry.

The equipment supplied lies at the heart of the production process, as Liranco is attentive to the specific requirements within each and every level of engagement, from top management to production-floor operators.

Cooperation with employees is of utmost importance in enabling us to arrive at solutions guaranteeing a smooth and continuous work process, in accordance with the highest professional standards.

Liranco’s collaboration with technologically cutting-edge manufacturers has exposed clients to the benefits collected throughout dozens and often hundreds of years of accumulated experience in pioneering industrial projects all over the world.

We bring a wealth of experience to its local and international projects, along with technological innovativeness and constant attention to client requirements.

Our range of products designed to serve the Mineral Industry includes: screening, centrifuges, wedge wire screens, centrifuges baskets, compacting, drying, cooling, heating, conveying, milling, crushing, mixing, blending, filling, capping, VOC treatment systems, maintenance equipment and other special mineral industry equipment for solids.

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